enviBUILD 2017

International Conference
Vienna, Austria
September 7 - 8, 2017
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Generic Model of a Detached Family House

The generic model of a detached family house (up to approximately 15 x 15 m of the gross ground floor area) including its EXCEL based interface and related files, e.g. wall types, functions etc., was developed for assessing the energy demand and indoor comfort of this type of buildings. The EXCEL based interface contains macros written using Visual Basic for Applications. If you wish to use it, do not forget to enable macros in your EXCEL program. The generic model can be used with or without the EXCEL based interface, but always requires a valid CAPSOL license available from PHYSIBEL. The CAPSOL is a program for calculation of multi-zonal transient heat transfer. The purpose of the EXCEL based interface called FIN_RUNNER.xls is to help use the generic model developed in CAPSOL, if you are not familiar with CAPSOL, which is quite complex software. The principle of the generic model is described in the paper with title Generic Models as Scientific Tools for Non-experienced Users. In spite that the generic model and EXCEL based interface are for free, we would like to ask you to register prior to download. The data will not be provided to any third parties. Thank you.
Roman Rabenseifer
Generic Models as Scientific Tools for Non-experienced Users
(Paper describing the principle of generic models)
Roman Rabenseifer generic model