Central European Regional IBPSA Conference, Bratislava, June 5, 2008

Nowadays the computer aided building physical modeling and simulation of the future building performance is a fast growing field of the building engineering. Though mostly used by building physicists and HVAC professionals, it is still neglected by architects and designers in the initial phases of the building design, when the most important decisions are made. In order to overcome this gap the planned conference would like to contribute to better understanding between designers and architect on one hand and the community of building physicists on the other one.

The second ambition is the information exchange among the professionals active in this area in the Central European Region, getting to know each other and search for new ways of deeper cooperation as the community itself is quite fragmented. Hence, the conference is understood as a place for informal discussions rather than a series of high number of presentations. Highly welcome are contributions related to the computer aided building physical modeling in the areas:

- Heat, air and moisture transfer in the building envelope
- Energy performance and energy efficiency
- Durability, sustainability and reliability
- Indoor environment - indoor-air quality, acoustics, lighting
- Promotion and education

This international Conference is supported by the European Commission within its Marie Curie Scheme, the Science and Technical Development Office of the Slovak Ministry of Education, the Austrian Cultural Forum in Slovakia and jointly organized by the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, the Slovak IBPSA branch and the Slovak Society for the Technique of Environment.

Herewith we would like to cordially invite all professionals in the Central European Region active in the areas of building physics, HVAC, building design, management, development and last but not least the representatives of the state and local administrations, science and research to attend this event.


Abstract submission:

April 18, 2008


Possible also on date of arrival

Submission of final contributions:

May 23, 2008

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