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Andráš Denné svetlo ako ťažiskový atribút architektonického konceptu novodobého nákupného centra SK yes no
Antošová Biocorrosion of ETICS and effective maintenance of buildings SK yes yes
Autratová Choice of material acoustic insulation of floating floors CZ yes yes
Bakonyi Possibilities of simulations in the planning of the retrofit of historical double skin windows H yes yes
Bartoník Water management for intelligent buildings CZ yes no
Bečkovský BRESET - Remote Sensing Technology for Building Physics Research of Structures CZ yes yes
Bielek, B. The natural physical cavity energy regime of double-skin facade SK yes yes
Bielek, M. Interaction of a new energy quantification of buildings and renewable energy sources as the dominant production technology of nature capital SK yes yes
Brzoň Modelling and experimental verification of PCMs response to changes in boundary conditions CZ yes yes
Budiaková Effective Natural and Forced Ventilation in Offices SK yes yes
Budiaková Improvements of Energy Balance of Existing Residential Buildings SK yes yes
Černíková Vliv tepelných mostů u modulárních staveb na jejich vnitřní prostředí a energetickou náročnost CZ yes yes
Černíková Energetické hodnocení dřevostaveb s návazností na výpočetní software CZ yes yes
Chmúrny Ultra thin glass membranes for advanced glazing of nZEB SK no yes
Chuchma Electricity storage in passive house in Central Europe region CZ yes yes
Csoknyai Energy consumption and CO2 emission of buildings built with industrialized technology: the case of Debrecen and future trends H yes yes
Darula STN and EN criteria for daylight provisions in building interiors SK yes yes
Dlhý The dispersion of acoustic energy in the dissemination from the source SK no yes
Dlhý Ways of solving the doorsill gap and its influence on sound transmission loss of the door SK yes yes
Doležel Alternative way of thermal protection by thermal barrier SK no yes
Doležel Thermal Barrier in Wall Construction SK yes no
Dudás Building physical, energetical and hygrothermal analysis of earth-sheltered building constructions H yes yes
Ďurica Long time testing of temperature parameters in selected lightweight wooden walls and windows SK yes yes
Fabian, R. The use of infrared thermography and spectrophotometric method for detection of microorganisms on building facades CZ no yes
Fabian, R. Use of infrared thermography for detection of microorganisms on building facades CZ no yes
Fabian, R. The elimination of reflected radiation at an infrared thermographic measurement in the exterior CZ no yes
Fabián, M. Influence of new CEN criterion on the minimum illuminance values of the work plane relative to Slovak standard SK yes yes
Fehér A case study of the fire-resistance of traditional brick vaults H yes yes
Flimel Determining the cumulative room temperature under in situ conditions using combined method SK yes yes
Fridrich BIM - The process of modern civil engineering CZ no yes
Fridrich Fire risk in relation to BIM CZ no yes
Gábrová Design of balconies from point of view of daylighting CZ yes yes
Hlásková Shading by surrounding obstacles CZ yes yes
Hnilica Hydrothermal Diffusion in "Opus Emplectum" Masonry Type in Romanesque Rotunda in Znojmo CZ yes yes
Hofbauerová Tvorba zdravého interiéru s ohľadom na človeka - problematika ľudského faktora v dizajne / architektúre SK yes yes
Horáčková Vliv úrovně vzduchotěsnosti budovy na její energetickou náročnost CZ yes no
Horák New type of heat exchanger for ventilation in buildings with almost zero energy consumption CZ yes yes
Hrabovszky-Horváth The assessment of the refurbished reinforced concrete buildings in point of the climate change H yes yes
Hraška Colour of external shading obstacles and circadian efficacy of indoor daylighting SK no yes
Hroudová Study of the properties of environmentally friendly insulation materials CZ yes yes
Ingeli Influence of thermal bridges on the heat demand in residential buildings with high thermal protection SK yes yes
Ingeli Influence of energy evaluation procedure on energy class of separate parts of residential houses SK yes yes
Ingeli Evaluation of recovery elementary school SK yes yes
Janečková Diferences between 2- second and X-minute interval of daylight measurements CZ yes yes
Jašek Application of BIM process by the evaluation of buildings energetic sustainability CZ yes yes
Javorček Air quality in primary school buildings nn yes no
Javorček Air exchange in primary school buildings nn no yes
Jedinák Concepts of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings' Envelopes SK yes no
Juráš Analysis of differences between various reference years using HAM simulation for building envelope SK yes no
Juríčková Matematická analýza a experimentálne modelovanie vplyvu vodných stabilných hasiacich zariadení na odstupové vzdialenosti od budov SK yes no
Jurka CFD as the basis of assessment ventilated floors CZ yes yes
Kacálek The effects of the soils thermal field on to the energy performance of buildings CZ no yes
Kalánek Calculation and Experimental Evaluation of the Thermal Resistance of a Structure with Reflective Insulation CZ yes yes
Kalmár Exergy quality of buildings H yes yes
Kalousek Point Thermal Bridges of Insulated Facade CZ yes yes
Kamenický Termo-humid mode of the wooden window structure SK yes yes
Kamenský Analysis of summer overheating in elementary school building SK no yes
Kapovits Use of Decision Support System for special challenges of building constructions H yes yes
Klubal Application of Phase change materials to maintain operative temperature in the framework of legislative requirements in the summer period CZ yes yes
Kolářová Sound Insulation Properties of the Facade Elements - The Influence of Filling Cavities of Facade Elements on the Values of Laboratory Airborne Sound Insulation CZ no yes
Komínková Simulation of different acoustic lecture room designs CZ yes yes
Končeková Creating a Healthy Environment of School Facilities SK yes yes
Kondáš Sunlight penetration through sloped window apertures SK no yes
Korček Drevo ako obnoviteľný stavebný materiál a jeho uplatnenie v súčasnej architektúre SK yes yes
Kotradyová Contact comfort within complex understanding of body and mind conscious design SK yes yes
Kováč Hot water temperature drop in a pipe as a parameter in order to define operation time of a circulation loop in domestic hot water distribution system SK no yes
Krajčík Indoor environment and energy performance of office buildings equipped with a low temperature heating / high temperature cooling system SK no yes
Kraus The influence of construction fillings of building on airtightness CZ yes yes
Kraus Diagnostics of current developments in the field of building airtightness CZ yes yes
Krupicová Optimisation of swimming pool halls envelope with respect to thermal and moisture design CZ yes yes
Kubečka Possibilities of thermal analysis for the evaluation of construction materials in the laboratories of ICT CZ yes yes
Kubečka Damage Value and Assessment of Civil Structures by Risk Analysis Method CZ yes yes
Kubečka Utilisation of Risk Analysis Methods in Decision-Making Process on Fitness of Rehabilitation CZ yes yes
Kubečka Instruments for risk analysis as an alternative decision-making methods in the forensic sciences CZ yes yes
Kubečka Risk Analysis of Steel Construction Project Documentation Blast Furnaces CZ yes yes
Kubečka Rating and increase energy security real estates CZ yes yes
Kubečková Microorganisms on the facades of residential panel housing CZ yes yes
Kučerová Thermal properties of wooden buildings in relation to computer software. CZ yes yes
Lakatos Comparison of the Thermal Properties of Different Insulating Materials H yes yes
Ledererová The use of construction waste materials as substitutes for natural materials and their effects on selected properties of concrete SK no yes
Leitnerová Fire barriers like a thermal bridges SK yes yes
Leitnerová Fire scenarios in cavities in timber frame constructions SK yes yes
Lipiak Modifications ceramic blocks SK yes yes
Lopušniak Effects of Smoke on Evacuation SK no yes
Lopušniak Analysis of energy and internal environment improvements in a single family house SK yes yes
Majsniar Impact of ventilation flaps installed in the window structure on the overall aerodynamic, acoustic and thermal-technical properties of windows SK yes yes
Martiník Verification of using possibility of fallen leaves for combustion in small combustion equipment CZ yes yes
Medveď Technical and psychoacoustic analysis of floor construction SK yes yes
Megyesi Evaluation of Energy Efficiency in Retrofitting Residential Buildings with Large-Panel Structures. RO no yes
Michnová The effect of air condition on reduction of CO2 concetration in buildings for family housing CZ yes yes
Mikúšková Konštrukčná, materiálová a energetická racionálnosť v low-cost konceptoch bývania SK yes yes
Minarovičová Effective Maintenance of Buildings with ETICS - Biocorrosion Elimination and Prevention SK no yes
Minarovičová Renovated Buildings Facade - Aesthetics and Technical Problems. Prevention of Defects SK yes yes
Nahálka The architectural formation of the internal environment of the current office buildings and the environmental aspects SK yes yes
Nič Controlling and Testing of Quality of Buildings Thermal insulation SK yes no
Nič Quality Management of ETICS of Buildings SK no yes
Oravcová Renewable materials and energy in architecture (wood and photovoltaics) SK yes yes
Oravec Conversion of a rural building in Beskydy after 90 years of use CZ yes yes
Oravec Windows in buildings - diagnostics of selected properties after time of using CZ yes yes
Palko House in passive standard SK no yes
Palková Thermal and moisture problems of wooden windows SK no yes
Partika Comparison of modeled distribution of thermal fields at seasonal ground storage segments CZ yes yes
Pašek Impact of façade coloring on light and temperature conditions of buildings, housing estates, and environment CZ yes yes
Pašek Interior environment of the buildings hit by floods CZ yes yes
Pataky The effect of green solar shading on buildings - trough 3 case studies H yes yes
Paulík Authorisation of photovoltaic power plants as a source of renewable energy in terms of parties during the administrative procedure and comparison of the legislation in Slovakia and the Czech Republic SK yes yes
Pavčeková The Influence of the Position of Windows on Heat Loss Coefficient of a Building SK yes yes
Pokorádi Monte-Carlo Simulation to Investigate Effects of Water Temperature Uncertainty H yes no
Ponechal Impact of fireplace on internal surface temperatures SK yes yes
Pont Semergy: Performance-guided building design and refurbishment with a semantically augmented optimization environment A yes yes
Pont On the applicability of thermal standards for different locations: a case study A yes yes
Pont Condensation risk assessment methods: A case study of highly insulated details A yes yes
Pont Evaluation of thermal environment and indoor air quality in university libraries in Vienna A yes yes
Pont Exploring indoor thermal environment and cognitive performance in a short-term occupancy setting A yes yes
Pont The impact of thermal retrofit on daylight in buildings A yes yes
Prokopčáková Construction waste as a renewable material SK yes yes
Rabenseifer Total Solar Energy Transmittance vs. Dynamic Thermal Characteristics of Non-Transparent Building Components SK yes yes
Renčko Underfloor air cavity created from special fittings - layout of air vents SK yes yes
Rykalová Use of Multi-Criteria Optimization for Selection of Building Materials for Reconstruction CZ yes yes
Rykalová Comparison of the impact of the ventilation ducts on thermal and technical parameters of exterior walls CZ no yes
Šabíková Does Shading, and Color of Building Envelope Matter? SK yes no
Schuss Comparison of simulated and actual energy use of a hospital building in Austria A yes yes
Selcová Aspects of ecology and sustainability in minimalist concept of residential architecture - history and today SK yes yes
Severnyak Cost optimality and / or sustainability in our building's life H yes yes
Šimko Komplexná Obnova Panelového Bytového Domu s Aktívnou Tepelnou Ochranou (ATO) SK yes yes
Šípková Low energy source synthetic thermal energy storage (STES) CZ yes yes
Skalík A software optimization of the solar energy system performance SK yes yes
Skoruppa Thermal comfort in a refurbished low-energy house: The OEKOHAUS case study A yes no
Skotnicová Experimental Measurements and Numerical Simulations of Dynamic Thermal Performance of External Timber Frame Wall CZ yes yes
Slávik OpenFOAM in Building Physics CZ yes no
Sommer Energy Design by Evolution- Applying Evolutionary Computing to Energy Efficient Architectural Design A yes yes
Šteffek The Impact of the Choice of Computational Methods onto the Results of Simulations of Specific Heat Consumption for Heating of a Family House CZ no yes
Struhárová Influence of fluid fly ash on the selected physical-mechanical properties of autoclaved aerated concrete SK no yes
Svatošová Thermal stability in schoolrooms depending on the solar radiation CZ yes yes
Šveda Improving the thermal insulation properties of brick products using chemical additive VUPPOR SK no yes
Szalay Optimizing the refurbishment of the building envelope based on life cycle environmental impacts and global costs H yes yes
Szkordilisz Green Microenvironment and Passive Cooling Potential H no yes
Tahmasebi On the applicability of thermal standards for different locations: a case study A yes no
Tahmasebi Exploring two alternative modeling engines for predictive building systems control A yes no
Tahmasebi The influence of online weather forecast uncertainties on the performance of predictive zone controller A yes no
Takács Fire Protection Aspects of Low-Energy Buildings H yes yes
Talamon Building Sector & Climate Change: The Case of Hungary H no yes
Teslík Airtightness and acoustic properties of superadobe clay -house CZ yes yes
Tóthová Determinants of Transformation of the Existing Urban Hotel in Account of Aspects of Sustainable Development SK yes yes
Urbán Influnce of double transparent facades for acoustic comfort at the workplace SK yes yes
Uvízlová The transition of the water steam through the composition of the diffusive closed circumferential wall of the wooden house with the proper and improper realization of vapor barrier CZ yes yes
Vaculíková Application of risk analysis by the evaluation of buildings indoor environment CZ yes yes
Vajkay Assessment of Daylighting Design Tools Against Test Cases Included in CIE's 171:2006 Report CZ yes yes
Varga (Ne)Udržateľné dedičstvo Drevo - história alebo vízia v architektonickej tvorbe? SK yes yes
Vargová Sound Parameters in Covered Historic Building Atriums SK yes yes
Vertaľ Transient pulse method for measuring of heat conductivity of aerated concrete SK no yes
Vlach Determination of linear thermal transmittance for curved detail CZ yes yes
Vlček Risk analysis of asbestos structures and their influence on the internal environment of buildings CZ yes yes
Zöld The nearly zero-energy requirements and the reference buildings H yes yes
Zöld PV area contra annual irradiation on flat roofs H no yes
Zozulák Numerical analysis and measurement results of the window sill SK yes yes


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